August 2007. The Launch Escape Subsystem was supposed to pull the command module and the three astronauts away from the Saturn V in case of an emergency during launch. The Boost Protective Cover protected the CM during launch and was disposed of along with the LES at a certain time during launch when neither were needed anymore.
The first pictures show how the cone for the BPC is made. Two pieces of styrene are laminated with their joints 180 degrees apart. This keeps the cone fairly circular. Small kinks may be corrected with the small cylinder glued to the bottom part of the cone shown. The top of the BPC was made by heating a piece of styrene and then denting it with the round end of a pen to get the right shape.
The next ones show the LES-rocket motor. The small holes in the long cylinder are the nozzles of the LES jettison motor. The nozzles are made from styrene tubes that where heated and widened with the sharp end of a pencil to make them conical. They were inserted into the large cynlinder and sanded flush. The same mehtod was used to make the nozzles for the four LES motors. The cover for these was made in the same way as the BPC.
The next ones show the LES-tower and a test fitting before all the parts are painted...
The last ones show the completed BPC and LES after a coat of white and clear flat. Also, the two small windows are installed.