Instrument Unit
The instrument unit on top of the S-IV stage contains guidance and control systems for the Saturn V. It is divided into 24 sections including access door and umbilicals. Electronics, computers etc. are mounted on 22 separate panels.
Notes 15 August 2004: Materials used: styrene and small pieces of wire. So far 180 separate parts... It's simpler than it may look, patience is very important! The part shown in the first picture - a cable tray - was done by glueing the small parts shaped like "square A's" and then connecting them with a long piece of styrene bent into shape on the the way around all the A's. The pieces of wire supporting the cable tray were installed in pairs 180 degrees apart. This helped to keep the whole IU circular.
Dave Weeks has helped me with some great diagrams of the IU of the Apollo 10 Saturn V. The Apollo 8 IU is described in the SA 503 Flight Manual available from NASA (large pdf...). Comparing the two shows some differences, but I suspect the Apollo 10 IU to be almost identical to the Apollo 11 IU. - Anyway: who will be able to tell the difference..?
Note 29 March 2005: The Apollo 11 SA 506 Flight Manual can be found on the Apollo Maniacs web site. (Note that the documents available change from time to time. A huge amount of Apollo related documents has been collected on two cd-roms available from the Apollo Maniacs. Great work!) It turns out that the Apollo 10 and 11 IU's look identical.
Notes 5 October 2004: Some of the panels have been installed and the outside has been painted.
Notes February 2005: The IU is now complete. All the panels are installed and position marker decals have been applied. Painting the panels in slightly differerent shades of grey improves realism.
Notes April 2005: The colour of the antennaes has beens changed to to correct chromate yellow so here are some more pictures...